Mike Bacon
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Mike Bacon
Characters Statistics
Title Boy Scout
Gender Male
Race Human
Starting weapon {{{starting weapon}}}
Special weapon Moldy Burger
Starting trap Toilet Trap
Attack power ★☆☆
Destroy speed ★☆☆
Search speed ★★★

Mike Bacon is a hungry boy scout and a playable character, he is a short and overweight blond child who ironically fights with food.

Mike is a very poor fighter and uses his "brrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaiiiins!" more. Therefore, AI Mike Bacon automatically attempts to search all objects but (unfortunately) will attack zombies (which may kill him)

Mike should be taken care of as his ability to search so quickly may save you a minute which you could use to arm the safehouse and you can perform other actions by leaving him with Foxy (as they will both search and Foxy will attack any zombies or you can stay and they will both search, this goes to only Jack players.


1. Ladle - Low melee damage. Default weapon.

2. Frying pan - Medium melee damage. Found via random search in the Modern Home.

3. Shovel- High melee damage.

Smart BombsEdit

1. Moldy Burger - Distracts zombies for a while, making them easy targets.

2. Brain Burger - Zombies will fight over the burger, damaging each other in the process.

3. Dynamite Burger - Attracts zombies and eventually explodes, instantly killing any nearby zombies.


1. Toilet trap - Covers them in human excrement, therefore slowly killing them over time and also infecting other zombies when they make contact - ★★☆ trap

2. Cardboard trap - Drops a cardboard box with Mike Bacon's face on it, causing other zombies to attack them (may not be the case for other zombies with said box on said head [citation needed] ) - ★★☆ trap

3. Sunbed trap - Heavily tans any zombie, therefore weakening them to Old Zombies - ★★★ trap