Jack Foster
Jack Foster Dead Block
Jack Foster
Characters Statistics
Title Construction worker
Gender Male
Race Human
Starting weapon Hammer
Special weapon Nail Gun
Starting trap Frost Trap
Attack power ★★☆
Destroy speed ★★★
Search speed ★☆☆

Jack Foster is a construction worker with a large build and he wears a very stereo typical construction worker garb, he works best when it comes to barricades (because he has the infamous concrete trap). AI Jack Foster will break all furniture and will fight zombies if needed.


1. Hammer - Deals melee damage to zombies - Obtained at the start - Weak (Unreliable)

2. Axe - Deals Improved melee damage to zombies - Medium (Reliable)

3. Sledgehammer - Deals advanced melee damage to zombies - Strong (Helpful)

Smart BombsEdit

1. Nail gun - Fires four projectiles - Obtained in Diner - Weak (Unreliable)

2. Advanced Nail gun -

3. Frost gun - Awesome (Deadly)


1. Frost Trap - Will freeze zombies to allow any damaging hit to instantly kill zombies - Strong (Helpful)

2. Concrete trap - Is a highly useful trap that stops zombies from coming through a door or window it is put on and is unbreakable - Joke (Non Lethal)

3. Helmet trap -


  • When he calls for the rest of the group he appears to say Mike, this is strange when Foxy is present.
  • In the ending cinematic he plays the guitar and also acts as several bouncers.
  • In the ending cinematic he appears to be partially bald.
  • When he dies he falls to his knees and then falls flat on the ground.
  • He along with the rest of the team are good guitar players.