Foxy Jones
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Foxy Jones
Characters Statistics
Title Metermaid
Gender Female
Race Human
Starting weapon Police Baton
Special weapon Tazer
Starting trap Bomb Trap
Attack power ★★★
Destroy speed ★☆☆
Search speed ★★☆

Foxy Jones is a traffic warden and is said to be the best character, she a strong confident women who is also sexy and tough, she wears a basic uniform along with a stylish afro.

Ingame she is a powerful ally and when using the AI she tasks herself to search and to fight zombies who enter the same room.


1. Police baton - Deals melee damage to zombies - Obtain in High School - Medium (Reliable)

2. Baseball bat - Deals improved melee damage to zombies - Strong (Helpful)

3. Spiked baseball bat - Deals extreme melee damage to zombie - Obtained in Rotten Records - Awesome (Deadly)

Special WeaponsEdit

1. Tazer - Fires eletric shot, kills four enemys - Medium (Reliable)

2. Pistol - Fires projectiles - Strong (Helpful)

3. Shotgun - Fires projectiles - Awesome (Deadly)


1. Bomb Trap - Is a blockade with a bomb attached will blow up kill all zombies that was damaging it and any nearby - Strong (Helpful)

2. Rolling pin trap - Takes away half of the enemys health - Strong (Helpful)

3. Microwave Trap - Instantly kills zombies when they walk under - Awesome (Deadly)


  • She along with mike seem to greet when they call, Foxy seems to say "Hi"
  • When she dies she collapses to her knees and falls to her side
  • When she dies her head is replace by her skull and she keeps her afro which is humerous.
  • In the end game cinematic she is doing the zombie dance along with a two more duplicates.
  • She is seen playing the guitar with her teeth at the end of the guitar mini game, this is a likley reference to the famous guitar player Jimi Hendrix